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Interjú Donald Faisonnal (+Dave Francoval)

2009.11.30. 20:28 muforlife

Vagyis Turkkel a Scrubsból, aminek a "második felvonása" kedden indul az ABC-n. Nagyrészt Carlaról, vagyis az ő hiányáról van szó az interjúban, meg, hogy mi lesz Turkkel, és ha már ott van, Dave Franco is kap pár kérdést a karakterét illetően.

After season after season of relative job insecurity, just how surprised are you to be promoting the ninth season of the show?

Donald Faison: I don’t know if I’m surprised as much as I am happy. I’m ecstatic that the show came back another year. I hope this doesn’t sound too cocky, but I have the opportunity to make TV history with a show that might run even longer thanks to a bunch of new cast members and new story-lines. It’s great.

Has there been any talk amongst the cast with regards to the parallels between this new version of SCRUBS and SAVED BY THE BELL: THE NEW CLASS?

Donald Faison: I say that all the time! Honestly, I do think it’s like SAVED BY THE BELL: THE NEW CLASS except that I don’t want to be Screech or Belding [Laughs]. I love the new people and I think it’s great that it’s sort of like a revolving door at the hospital because that’s really how a hospital operates. People come and people go.

One of the people who probably won’t be coming through that revolving door this season — at least according to reports — is your fictional better-half Carla (Judy Reyes). What’s it been like not working with someone with whom you had such a close relationship for the previous eight years?

Donald Faison: It’s different because Judy and I had great chemistry. Other than Zach, Judy was the other person on the show who I worked with a lot and had great timing with. With her being gone, it’s a different show and a different Turk. But somebody has to stay at home and raise the two kids while Turk is the Chief of Surgery!

Fair enough, although having watched the show from day one, I’m not gonna lie. It is a little strange not seeing Carla, has there been any talk at all of a guest appearance?

Donald Faison: I have no idea. To be honest, I don’t know what’s going to happen with that.

Dave, as the new kid, what’s it like joining such an established comedy?

Dave Franco: It has been fun man. Not to take away from any previous projects I’ve worked on, but this is by far the most fun doing anything up until this point. And I’m not just saying that because Donald is sitting right next to me. I think a lot of that is because the people are really so cool and really grounded and I think that comes from the creator, Bill Lawrence. He has this no a**hole policy, from the cast — right on down to the PA —he won’t hire anyone who is not a genuinely good person and great to be around.

Although funnily enough — on screen — your character is a bit of a womanizing a**hole. How long until we get to meet the parents responsible for turning Cole into such a womanizing S.O.B?

Dave Franco: You’ll meet my mom briefly in the first few episodes, but I definitely talk about my parents a lot. [The character I play] is a terrible kid, but as the season progresses you’ll start to understand why he is the way he is. So while he remains a d*ck throughout, at least you’ll be able to sympathize for him.
Donald Faison: Your character might be a douche, but he has many redeeming qualities and as the season goes on everybody will understand what I’m talking about.
Dave Franco: Thank you Donald.
Donald Faison: Hey, I don’t want everyone to start calling you an a**hole!
Dave Franco: Yeah right!

And on a somewhat unrelated not, I’m curious about your real-life movie star brother. Does having James Franco as an older brother make things easier or harder for an up-and-coming actor in Hollywood? 

Dave Franco:

I would say it’s harder or easier. It is what it is. He [James] is great about it because he has left me kind of find my own path. He doesn’t really intervene, or tell me what to do, he let’s me learn from my mistake. At the same time if I ever have a question, he’s there to answer it. But at the same time, as much as I respect him and do want to work with him at some point, I want to have my own career.

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muforlife 2009.12.01. 19:47:06

kijött még egy intejú:

Donald, you’ve been with Scrubs since the beginning. This year, it’s gotten a new setting and some new faces. Does it still feel like the same Scrubs on set?

Donald Faison: Yes and no. It’s different because there are a lot of new characters on the show this year. But it’s the same because we’re not doing the same jokes, but we still have that wacky humor. That’s the best way I can answer that question. Yes and no.

Are you guys working with mostly the same crew?

Faison: No, we have an all new crew this year. The old Scrubs crew has moved on and is now working on Cougar Town, which is on the same lot as Scrubs this year. I still get to see some of the old buddies, but pretty much everything is new on the show.

Dave, was it easier or harder to come onto a show that had already established itself?

Dave Franco: I think it’s easier, but there are some things that are hard about it. It’s a such an established, well-respected show and you want to do it justice. I don’t want to come in and… I don’t know if I would single-handedly ruin the show.

Faison: [Laughs] No way.

Franco: I want to come in and do the best job I can. At the same time, having these guys around who have been doing this for such a long time, they make it easy on us. They put us at ease, especially during those first few episodes. At this point, we’re still starting up, but I feel like we’ve gotten into a groove and we all get along so well, it makes it easy.

I saw some of your previous comedy work on and a little bit on Privileged. Were you looking to do a sitcom? What did you think when Scrubs came along?

Franco: I don’t know if I was necessarily looking for it, but when it came along… The character is so ridiculous. It’s like nothing I’ve done before. On Privileged, I was playing the exact opposite role. I was this innocent, sweet math dork and now I’m playing the self-entitled, womanizing, jerk, bastard rich kid. It’s fun. Scrubs has such an amazing following and there’s a reason for that. I was just excited for the opportunity to get onboard.

Cole’s kind of an obnoxious jerk, but the great thing about Scrubs is that everyone has a more human side. Will we get to see a little bit of his softer side?

Franco: Of course. The first few episodes, not so much. But you will see a more vulnerable side of him and, hopefully, start to sympathize with him.

Donald, this season Turk and J.D. aren’t working together as much. How does Turk handle that? And for you, as a longtime castmate and friend of Zach’s, how has it been for you not to have him around as much on set?

Faison: Turk has a hard time with it and seeks a new work buddy in the hospital. As far as I go, I’ve never really liked Zach Braff. He’s always been kind of a jerk to me. No, of course, it’s different. I spent eight years with someone who is pretty much exactly like me. When he left, it was different. But everyone that they’ve hired, all of the new guys, are really, really good. It makes it easier when you get to work with people – pardon the expression – who can carry their own weight. All of the new cast members are so dynamic and so interesting and so easy to love that it made my transition into this new show really easy. Everybody’s a professional. Everybody works very hard. That not only is inspiring, it’s a lot of motivation to make sure that I stay on point, as well. If not to set an example of what the old show was like, at least give them a hint of what the old show was like, so if the show does go on after, these guys can take it forth.

One person who, sadly, isn’t along for this new show is Judy Reyes, who plays your wife Carla. What does that mean for Turk’s home life and his kids? Are we still going to see some of that on the show?

Faison: I don’t think we’re going to see that much of Turk’s home life now because that’s where Carla is. At home with the babies. And as you know, Carla’s not going to be on the show this year. It’s a little weird that Turk is always in the hospital. And it’s a little weird not having a love interest on the show. I’m sort of like the asexual on the show now. And Judy is missed.

Is there a chance that she might come back for a guest spot?

Faison: Anything’s possible.

Lucy is kind of like the new J.D. She’s taken over the voiceovers. I was wondering, do you see a little Turk in any of the new characters? Maybe someone with some good dance moves?

Faison: I’m telling you, the moves that Turk does can’t be defined.

I just saw you on the Tonight Show the other day with Pee Wee Herman and Conan dancing.

Faison: I was dancing with Pee Wee Herman! Not a lot of people can say they did that. I did it.

Cross that one off the bucket list.

Faison: Yeah, I can take that one off the bucket list. I think everybody is their own character now. I don’t even think Lucy is very much like J.D. She might be clumsy, but I don’t think that was a J.D. quality. I think the one quality that she has that J.D. has is that she wants to succeed and that’s about it. She’s way prettier than Zach was [laughs]. I think it’s cool that we’re following a woman this time around.

What would you guys tell people who’ve never seen the show before and are thinking of checking it out? What would you tell them about this new Scrubs and why they should watch it?

Franco: It’s one of these show… It’s just fun. It’s just so out there. At the same time, there is humanity there. There’s some real moments that really get to you. But then you transition a couple scenes later and you’re being hung in a tree like a piñata. For people who’ve never seen it, you really can start watching this season and you won’t feel like you’re missing out by not seeing the previous seasons. You can jump right into it and enjoy the humor.

Faison: Although we encourage people to go back and see the old seasons.

Franco: Check out season eight on DVD.

Faison: It just came out recently. But Dave’s right. You can tune in this year and it’s a brand new story. It’s a fresh start. And if you watched the show for the eight seasons that it was on before, it’s still a continuation, as well.