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Interjú a Spartacus készítőjével, Steven S. DeKnighttal

2010.05.02. 10:31 muforlife

10 kérdést tettek fel neki, érdemes elolvasni itt. Nagy arc a csávó, pár jobb beszólása, érdekesség az interjúból:

"Let me be perfectly blunt: censor groups and religious watchdogs can kiss my creative ass."

"This show is clearly designed for a mature audience.  If your kid is watching it, well then you need to keep a better eye on your offspring, buddy."

"I mean seriously.  Pornographic?  Turn off your safe search and spend five minutes on the internet and learn the meaning of the word."

"Although I will say that most people are under the assumption that Spartacus was crucified by Marcus Crassus along with six thousand of his rebel slaves.  This is actually not true.  Spartacus is believed to have fallen against Marcus Crassus, but his body was never found among the tens of thousands of bodies on the battlefield.  Personally, I’m leaning towards aliens recovering Spartacus’ corpse and reviving him as an astro-zombie to fight in the intergalactic arena.  Can you say “spinoff”?"

"I come from the Joss Whedon camp, having worked on Buffy, Angel, and Dollhouse, and fully share his love and fascination for strong women.  Moving forward I will continue to develop these kinds of roles."

"If there’s one thing I can promise you in season two, it’s that we will continue swinging for the fences.  No character is safe.  No character is sacred.  And that’s what makes the show so damn exciting."

"While the world we have created may be larger than life, at no time do I ever plan to cross over into the purely mythological."

"I may skirt right up to the mythological and supernatural, but I won’t outright invade that territory on this particular show.  I’m saving that for the astro-zombie Spartacus spinoff. "

"In the beginning, I read a lot of comments on the internet by our less enlightened viewers complaining about this and asking us to tone down “the gay shit”.  My answer was and is a resounding hell no.  Same sex relationships will continue to be presented in every season that I am associated with, along with a multi-racial cast."

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A sorozat, amit mindenkinek néznie kéne: Archer

2010.02.14. 21:08 muforlife

- You seriously don't think that's hot?
- I seriously think you're scary.
- No, no, no, no. Like, a big, sweaty fireman carries you out of a burning building, lays you on the sidewalk, and you think, "Yeah, okay, he's gonna give me mouth to mouth", but instead he just starts choking the shit out of you, and the last sensation that you feel before you die is that he's squeezing your throat so hard, that a big, wet blob of drool drips off his teeth and just -- flp! -- falls right onto your popped-out eyeball.
- Jesus christ.
- I know, right?
- What the hell?!
- I'm wet just thinking about it.

Mostanában simán ez a legjobb, és legbetegebb animációs cucc.

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Vicces videók a Conan-Leno vitáról

2010.01.19. 01:02 muforlife

Lassan már csak vége lesz ennek az egésznek, de amíg ez a téma mindenhol, nem nagyon lehet másról írni. Ha valaki még mindig nem tudja, hogy miről van szó, és olyan elveteműlt, hogy érdekli a téma, akkor itt nagyjából érthetően leírtam (bár nem teljesen pontos, mert kihagytam pl, hogy Jay Leno már volt egyszer a Tonight Show host-ja, és elvileg most is az lesz majd, miután elmegy Conan), de igazából a videókból is kiderül, hogy mi az egész lényege. A videókból, melyeket a tovább után találhattok.

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Hét idézete

2009.10.26. 11:55 muforlife

Csávó megakarja győzni a másikat, hogy amerikai focizzon.

Jeff: Let me tell you a little secret about me, Troy. Every day on my way to school, I drive through downtown past the courthouse just to get a glimpse of the world that I once ruled. And I just wanna jump out of my car, run up the steps and... Exploit the legal system for profit. But I can't. I'm locked out of my old kingdom. You're not. You see what I'm saying?
Troy: You're saying I could be a lawyer.
J: I'm saying you're a football player! It's in your blood!
T: That's racist!
J: Your soul.
T: That's racist.
J: Your eyes?
T: That's gay?
J: That's homophobic.
T: That's black.
J: That's racist!
T: Damn.

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Hét "idézete"

2009.09.28. 17:55 muforlife

Mike Baily (Sid a Skinsből) írta twitterjén. Vagy 10 perce ezen röhögök (érdekes kérdés amúgy:D).

"If you have sex with a prostitute without her permission, is it rape... or shoplifting?"

Még pár zsoga tőle:

"Explosion at a pie factory in Huddersfield. 3.14159265 dead."

"Seriously though does anybody really actually pay for internet porn? That's like buying a bottle of fresh air."

"I read Harry Potter and the Half blood prince in 4 hours yesterday. It's only 7 words but I'm still pretty happy with myself"

"Whats the biggest cause of paedophilia in this country? Sexy kids"

"What's the biggest difference between men and women? What they mean when they say "I got through a whole box of tissues watching that film.""

"What's long and hard and makes women groan? An Ironing Board."

"When I left home, my mum said, "Don't forget to write." I thought, "That's unlikely... It's a basic skill, isn't it?"

"I took my girlfriend round to see my family today. My wife went fucking mental"

"Hmmm, snow. The only time four inches (10 centi) can keep a woman in bed all day"

"Is it just me, or would you kill people for the kind of download speed that girl from the piracy ad's getting?"

"I don't understand why women want to be equal when they could be better. That shows a lack of ambition to me. Which is why men are better"

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I want to believe

2009.09.01. 18:11 muforlife

- But your eyes are open?
- Yeah, they're open. But it's like nothing's happening.
- Try turning your head.
- I can't.
- Why not? I don't know. I can't move. So I don't. I just lie there in bed.
- Can you see your sister?
- No, but I can hear her.
- What is she saying?
- She's calling my name over and over again. She's crying out for help but I can't help her. I can't move.
- Are you scared?
- I know I should be,but I'm not.
- Do you know why?
- Because of the voice.
- The voice?
- The voice in my head.
- What's it telling you?
- Not to be afraid. It's telling me that no harm will come to her and that, one day, she'll return.
- Do you believe the voice? Do you believe the voice?
- I want to believe.


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Hét idézete

2009.08.18. 17:53 muforlife

Better Off Ted 1x11-ből.

- Obviously, that whale thing is a winner or you wouldn't be telling me it's a loser.
- Unless it's really a loser and I'm pretending it's a loser, to make you think it's a winner.
- Or am I pretending to think it's a winner, when I actually know that's a loser because you said it was loser to make me think it's a winner.
- So... the student become the master.
- Or the student has always been the master, but wanted the master to think the master was the master, when he was actually just a student.
- These conversation are why your mother left us.

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Hét idézete

2009.08.04. 01:11 muforlife

(éjjel kanos csávó felkelti a csajt)
- What time is it?
- I don't know, my cock doesn't wear a watch.

Ari Gold büntet az Entourage-ban. Az új évad iszonyat jó lett egyébként, a mai (most már tegnapi) rész is tele volt jobbnál-jobb beszólásokkal, plusz az új irány amibe viszik a sorozatot is nagyon jó (magányos Vinnie, bár a rész vége alapján nem fog ez sokáig így maradni).


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